Our Name

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Our team has a shared passion for the natural world and the patterns in nature, as well as the environment and ecosystems of Africa. We bring these insights to what we can apply to the world of business in the developed and developing world. 

We follow the sciences (pure and applied) in search of thinking we can use to evolve the intelligence needed to drive performance in business. Our searching has gone as far as biophysics and evolutionary genetics. These are all central to WHO we are and WHY we are here and that is fundamental to our identity. 

Our name comes from the Fibonacci Sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144………  Our logo shows the perfect Fibonacci spiral pattern we find in nature every day - in this case the simple Aloe!  The exact mathematical sequence of Fibonacci’s also found within a sunflower, waves and even galaxies.  

The blueprint of nature – the DNA of your organisation.

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Intelligent Change - Insight beyond our Wisdom

We bring our own experiences of being executives, board members and educators to ground discussions with a strong dose of reality and pragmatism, which ensures that all our change is "actionable".

We recognise that to be truly supportive in solving the future challenges organisations, boards and individuals face, we look to collaborate with partners to compliment our wisdom

Our business is therefore built on a mix of learning and application by collaborating with a range of experts from pure science, academia and business.  

This allows us to deliver "actionable intelligent" change.


Critical Friend

  • We act as a critical friend working with the collective, committtees/teams, key roles and individual leaders to ensure the full system is thoroughly aligned through our probing enquiry balanced with a developmental ethos.
  • Our focus, no matter what the size of the assignment, starts by treating each as unique, working back from what actions and developments the board or executive will need crafted carefully with each leader.



My focus over the last 20+ years has been as a Strategic Advisor to C-suites and Boards of FTSE 100 multinationals and private companies covering a range of sectors from Consumer, Retail and Pharma, through Industrial, Telco and Technology, to Professional Services.

My passion is centred around supporting leaders and boards, to develop future-fit, high performing businesses able to disrupt and evolve in their industry, through leveraging leading human and machine capability. I do this by optimising the performance levers they pull across a range of capabilities: strategy, transformation, operating models, supply chain, procurement, sales, marketing, organisation design, governance, talent, culture and digital. 


With a wealth of knowledge across professional services as well as advising leading clients, I've joined the leadership team of Cognia Law, a leading Law Company, providing exceptional services to the Legal sector, financial services and corporates, to head up their Clients and Markets as well as Service Offerings areas and support their rapid scale up.

At Cognia Law, my intent is to leverage all of my experience to develop sought after legal professionals required for the future world of Law; deploy integrated New Law ecosystem service platforms (including leading technology solutions) as well as action the delivery of a raft of transformation and change management experience required to make change stick in a dynamic sector.

Previously as partner at both PwC and EY, I was privileged to hold senior leadership roles. These included at PwC the Client & Markets leader on the Consulting Board, Global offering leader for Business Transformation and Chair of PwC’s Africa Business Group. 

Outside of my day job, I am a non-executive member of the Finance and Audit committee as well as Investment Committee of the British Red Cross. My perspective is often around helping them navigate and respond effectively, by balancing commercial realities with being a complex purpose led, Humanitarian organisation transitioning into the 21st Century.


A rare mix of commerciality, pragmatism and empathy...

"Put simply, Joel has given me some of the most insightful, candid and helpful advice I've received in my career. He's a commercially astute and caring person, analytically strong and empathetic; these are rare, to find in one person. If you're looking for a coach, mentor or advisor, for sound strategic, entrepreneurial and pragmatic advice for your business or yourself, look no further than Joel."
David Lancefield
Senior Partner, PwC

Perfect for owners, entrepreuneurs and family businesses

"I recognised in Joel, the attributes that were needed to steer our company through the next five years. With his broad business experience, the care and concern that he exhibited in understanding the content of our proposed forward growth strategy and plans, his empathy with our industry sector, the tact and consideration shown to my fellow Directors and his ability to talk to and with all levels of personnel in the organisation , that his value (to us) was and would always be exceptional. If you are an owner, entrepreneur or family business I would highly recommend Joel as either a board advisor or NED"
Paddy Geoghegan
Chairman and Owner, The Geoghegan Group

Specific Skills

We provide a number of functional and discrete interventions to support our clients more widely. Some of these include:

Talent and Team
Purpose and Culture
International / Africa
Operating Model
Organisation Design
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