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Our insight has been built by looking at a range of scientific and research thinking across numerous fields of study. Below are a few of the models we have applied to our frameworks of delivering intelligent change:


Mulitple Systemic Layers

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Our "outside in" thinking is like a multi layered onion!  It starts with mapping out the contextual layer - the external Environment and Legitimacy (Risk and Reg).

We then determine the optimal middle layer, your Essence needed to thrive in that external context - purpose, strategy and culture.

The Capability Performance Fit (inner layer) comes from defining and aligning the specific performance capabilities - people, process and technology within the context of these layers. 

Only when all layers are aligned and integrated will peak performance be obtained.


Outside in backed by science

Like all our systemic work our "Outside in" approach is based on scientific research that  that identifies that there are at least 4 elements to long term performance success - industry, ecosystem, strategy and capability.

The first two elements, industry and eco-system, Leaders have limited control over. 

However, by understanding them in full they can better respond to ensure future success. 

  • Wider

  • Eco-system

  • Strategy

  • Capability


Where Leaders can have a direct impact is by having a well honed corporate strategy and they can deliver maximum direct impact by focusing on optimising the remaining 40% - their future fit capability.

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